Pulsed discharge helium ionization detector

Pulsed discharge helium ionization detector,10.1007/BF02268349,Chromatographia,W. E. Wentworth,S. V. Vasnin,S. D. Stearns,C. J. Meyer

Pulsed discharge helium ionization detector   (Citations: 4)
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A pulsed discharge helium ionization detector (PDHID) (patent pending) for gas chromatography has been developed. This detector uses a non-radioactive pulsed high voltage discharge source for generation of electrons and pulsed collection of these electrons. We have evaluated this detector for the analysis of a wide range of chemical compounds. In this paper the analytes are passed through the discharge since the permanent gases are difficult to ionize. The initial results for the permanent gases indicate that the PDHID can be used as a universal detector of contaminant traces at detection levels on the order of 1–20 pg. The response in this mode of operation is linear over four orders of magnitude.
Journal: Chromatographia , vol. 34, no. 5, pp. 219-225, 1992
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